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Shipyard Development News 4 May 2016: Weapon Changes v1 and Rebindable Keys

by Jonah on May 4, 2016

Bit of a short news today, just wanted to post something so it didn’t look like I’d vanished from the Earth once again.

The basics of the weapon changes are now working: all systems have a (currently hard-coded) armor value which affects the damage they take from different weapon types. Kinetic weapons work with an all-or-nothing system, energy weapons divide their damage by the armor value, and explosive weapons deal damage to an area but damage is divided by the square of the armor value. Right now with kinetic and energy weapons, attacking free-form systems is still inefficient as leftover damage is not distributed to neighbors, however I plan to change this before releasing the update (which is still a long way off).

Also, I’ve begun to implement the ability to rebind keys. At the moment, only movement (WASD), wait (Space), and the navigation screen hotbar are rebindable and there’s no built-in system to change them (you have to look up the codes and edit a text file). Once again, though, I plan to change this before the update is finished.

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