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by Jonah on January 27, 2014


Shipyard is my first game project. It is a 2D turn-based strategy with a spaceship building mechanic. Development has been a slow, meandering journey and will be on hiatus after the release of Alpha 1.0.0 while I work on other projects.

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Weapons Editor

Shipyard screen weapons view, allowing placement of weapons on the exterior of the ship

Interior Editor

Shipyard screen interior view, allowing placement of systems.

Murder on the Disorient Express

A collaboration between myself and my friend Shayne HayesMurder on the Disorient Express is a text adventure game in which you try to solve a murder on a train.You have limited time before you reach the station and time passes every time you talk to someone, so choose your leads carefully or you’ll end up with the wrong story!

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