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Murder on the Disorient Express

by Jonah on September 12, 2016

Murder on the Disorient Express is a text-based mystery game my friend Shayne and I made as part of a game design class we took together a few months ago. We were so happy with it that we continued to develop it even after the class ended.

The premise is simple: you are on a train, where a passenger has been murdered. The train arrives at the next station in four hours, so you have that much time to discover as much as you can. You can move freely around the train, but fifteen minutes pass every time to talk to someone. Be careful though, the other passengers move around and go about their business whether you’re there or not, so choose the leads you want to follow wisely!

Click here to play!

Or find it on Shayne’s page!

The game is made in Twine, a free online tool for creating text adventure games. Try it, it’s neat!

NOTE: Not to be confused with “Disorient on the Murder Express.” That’s a different game made by different people with an unfortunate naming coincidence.

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