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by Jonah on September 12, 2016

These are things I’ve worked on that aren’t games, but are still pretty cool.

After Cataclysm Mod for From the Depths

I’m part of a group of players of a game called From the Depths, a voxel-based shipbuilding game, and our specific focus is on realism. When the game didn’t give us exactly what we wanted, we started this mod with me doing programming and a couple others on 3D modeling and texture work. It is now (as far as I know) the most popular mod for FtD on the Steam Workshop with over 2000 subscribers!

Click here to check it out!


A twitter bot that comes up with elevator pitches for weird metal bands, pushing the limits of what humans will actually listen to.

It’s made with using Cheap Bots Done Quick, an online tool for making Twitter bots with Tracery syntax. You can also check out the source for my bot at