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Shipyard Dev News 22 Nov. 2014 — “Lesser of Two Evils” Edition

by Jonah on November 22, 2014

After going back over the features that still need to be completed for Shuttles to be ready to use, I’ve decided that there’s still a lot of work to do. I was hoping to have the update ready this weekend, but even if I worked around the clock to get shuttles implemented, the feature would still be rushed and buggy. Version 0.8.1 was never meant to be a massive update, and the fact that it’s taken five months already has led me to decide to push shuttles back to a future version. Shuttles were listed as a tentative feature from the very beginning, so as disappointing as it is, you can’t say I didn’t warn you. I would think that releasing an update without a single interesting feature is better than delaying every feature on account of it (hence the title of this post).

Version 0.8.1 will still contain all of the following:

  • Debug commands
  • Auto-path to selected tile with shift + right click
  • Working items, including one-time consumables and permanent upgrades
  • Some old items removed and some new ones added (though not as many as I was hoping for)
  • Scanner range stat determined by crew and power in ship’s bridge
  • Size limit of 16×16 for class 1, 32×32 for class 2, and 48×48 for class 3 (when implemented)
  • Background music
  • Options menu (currently, it only has volume options)
  • Improved navigation screen UI
  • Efficient world saving and loading
  • Rebalanced crew damage
  • A metric butt-ton of bug fixes and minor rebalances

I still have some finishing touches and clean-up work to do before releasing the update, but you can expect version 0.8.1 to be released sometime this weekend–maybe even later today if everything goes smoothly.

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