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Server Troubles: Two Months Later

by Jonah on January 31, 2015

The server problem which was preventing me from uploading Shipyard version 0.8.1a is, apparently, still an issue. I tried again to upload the update today (24 Jan. 2015) and it seems waiting for it to sort itself out isn’t going to help matters. It’s bad enough that this is occurring with a pure bug-fixing update like 0.8.1a, but it also means that I can’t release updates containing new content or entirely new projects. Right now I don’t have a fix for the problem, but I will look into various options.

6 thoughts on “Server Troubles: Two Months Later

  1. Ezekiel/Elisha! says:

    Hey Jonah Its Ezekiel Or Zeke Man! Sorry your having trouble uploading the game patch!What Kind of server our you using.Maybe you can use someone elses server to upload through to your website.Also Sorry I havent messaged you in a while. I lost my password to my google account and cant get into it. Jonah I wish I could help more. Please email me and my newsletters to instead. its my brothers email,but he checks it regularly. Thanks,message ya later.

    • Jonah says:

      I don’t actually own the server myself; if I did, it would probably be easy to fix. However, I use a hosting service which owns the physical server box and handles the lower-level stuff. All I can do is upload files to the server by FTP. When I try to upload the Shipyard update, it appears to work but when it reaches 100%, it sends back an error message and starts back at 0%. I will have to contact the hosting company about the problem as it does not seem fixable from my end. While I appreciate the offer, I’m not sure there’s anything you could do to help.

      • Ezekiel/Elisha! says:

        Hi Jonah Its Ezekiel,hows it going bro? just got your reply back today! I was Thinking maybe youll have enough time to get .82 out on shipyard. sorry Its been a month,my life has been hechtic,lots of dr.appointments lately. Cant wait till you can update the game. Ill ask my brother elisha if he nows how to help fix the server,hes the computer wiz. he has built several computers from the ground up. Again hows the in game shuttles going jonah?,and have you started on a manual yet. I really appreachiate your time and effort making shipyard. Its a really fun game! I think itl be really fun with shuttles and fighters in the game. Ime just now learning to use wordpad to make my own lego rpg’s. Its really fun because I Can convert It to Adobe PDFs as a manual. Thanks again jonah for replying back. Live Long and Prosper.

  2. Ezekiel/Elisha! says:

    Hey Jonah How Things going with shipyard Your Game!Hope Thing going good for you! Havent herd a reply from you in a while! Last Posted On March 8th! Hope to here from ya,just reply on your site here please,Thanks a Shipyard,LOL!

    • Jonah says:

      I haven’t worked on Shipyard much since the server problems started. Not being able to update has somewhat killed my motivation. Meanwhile, I’ve been working onside projects like that silly tank game I posted a video of last month. My father, who owns our account with the hosting service, is going to contact them so there’s no need to get your brother involved. I fully intend to get back to work on Shipyard once the server stuff is fixed, which should hopefully be fairly soon.

      • Ezekiel/Elisha! says:

        Whats up Jonah! Just got you reply about five minutes ago or more. Sorry I didnt reply sooner. Ive had a lot of Doc, appointments the last two weeks. I hope you ok! Ive been playing a game you might like,I got it on steam for 4.99dollars.Its called Tile Miner. Its Still in the Alpha Stage but its really cool!If you Want Check it out. Do you like star trek or star wars better! Im about in the middle! i just also bought star fleet battles The Borak Star league Expansion packs for ten dollars,its really cool! Hope to see shipyard updated soon Jonah! Hope to see fighters and shuttles active in the game soon,hows that going bro! Ill check in to website tommorow sometime/4-11-15. Thanks!

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