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Shipyard: Outline for Pre-Alpha 0.8.1

by Jonah on June 7, 2014

Even though version 0.8.0 has just been released, I’m already thinking about content for the next update. Nothing is set in stone as of yet, but my major plans are listed below: Working Items: Items will be usable and provide effects to your ship. Consumables will provide temporary effects and will be used up in the […]

Combat Update Released!

by Jonah on June 6, 2014

Shipyard version Pre-Alpha 0.8.0, or “The Combat Update,” is easily the largest update Shipyard has seen to date and has just been released! You can download the update on the Shipyard page or through the launcher. For those who haven’t been following its development, I’ll do my best to condense the massive amount of content that came […]

Shipyard: The Combat Update — Progress Report #8 (Revised 7 April 2014)

by Jonah on April 7, 2014

Spring break is, sadly, drawing to close, but in the meantime I have got a couple big changes to show you. As always, these changes are coming in the next update and are not in the current version of the game. Anyway, let’s get on with it: Scrap The biggest change since last time is […]

Shipyard: The Combat Update — Progress Report #7

by Jonah on April 1, 2014

Real life was particularly conservative in its allotment of free time last couple weeks, hence my lack of posting. However, school has gone on spring break as of last Saturday, and I intend to spend a decent portion of my time working on Shipyard. I have already made some significant progress when it comes to […]

Shipyard: The Combat Update — Progress Report #6

by Jonah on March 16, 2014

It’s been a while, but I’ve finally found the time to do a bit of work on Shipyard. On today’s menu we have something special: combat animations. Because of this, the usual series of screenshots wouldn’t do it justice, so I went ahead and made this instead: Not everything is finished yet. As you can […]

Shipyard: The Combat Update — Progress Report #5

by Jonah on March 4, 2014

I haven’t had much time to work on Shipyard lately. Unfortunately, real life rather got in the way. Nonetheless, I’ve made a bit of progress on the combat system. You can now actually attack the enemy from the battle screen to damage their systems. You will also see a damage effect appear on the exterior […]

Shipyard: The Combat Update — Progress Report #4

by Jonah on February 24, 2014

That’s right, folks! All the preparation is done and it’s time to get to work on the actual combat system! I’ve spent most of the past day making small changes necessary for the combat to be balanced, but I have also got the beginnings of the combat screen in place. Though you still can’t actually […]